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 Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay

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PostSubject: Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay   Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:14 am

Hi gang, I had posted this on and thought I would post it here as well since this is a favorite, low-cost modification for many of us:

The oversized footpegs offered by D2Moto have been a favorite upgrade of many Forum members, but they have been on 'backorder' for months for some unknown reason. I ordered some Black Steel Foot Pegs for PW 50 80 TW200 from a Chinese vendor on eBay after another forum member had success in getting his. Prior to ordering I compared the photos on eBay to the photos from the D2Moto site ( ) --- they appear to be the SAME photograph. I ordered these from this vendor Paid via Paypal on July 20th, they shipped on July 21 st, and I received my pegs via US postal service on July 30th. The postal tracking links the vendor provided were fun to watch; the pegs made their way through Chinese Customs from Guang Zhou Guang Dong, China, arrived in San Francisco, went to Birmingham, Alabama, and eventually came to me in NW Illinois. The vendor I used is Dormousesleep, who has a large 'store' on eBay at If for some reason the links aren't valid by time someone needs these, just search eBay under Black Steel Foot Pegs for PW 50 80 TW200 --- several vendors have them.

The installation of the pegs was not hard, although I found it beneficial to have a helper to insert the mounting pins as I manipulated the spring's position (by pushing and prying with a screwdriver) to align the holes in the spring, foot pegs, and mount. The only difficulty encountered was that the Chinese footpegs have a small hole in them where the straight end of a spring is inserted, and the factory pegs don't have a small hole-- the factory pegs just have a large open shaft. The spring is part of the Yamaha footpegs, and is re-used when installing the new footpegs. One end of the spring is bent and designed to catch inside a slot in the peg mount on the motorcycle, the other end is straight and designed to fit inside the foot peg. The Chinese footpeg for the right side of the motorcycle has a hole in the wrong position, so the end of the spring cannot fit inside it.

The solution to the problem (other than drilling a new hole) is to cut approx 1/4 inch off of the straight end of the spring that would normally have been inserted into the hole in the new footpegs. The spring will still work properly, even if it is not inside the hole, but it must be shortened because it doesn't have the hole to slip into. The spring steel is very hard, so I couldn't use my small wire cutters. I ended up using a pair of bolt cutters to snip a little off the end--- a cutting wheel, hacksaw, etc.... would also work. I had the cutters, so for me this was much quicker and easier than drilling a shallow hole into the thick steel of the footpeg. Note: one forum member was able to use the cutter portion on a pair of vise grips, and another drilled a hole with no problems.

The new pegs are longer, and more than twice the width of the stock pegs. They provide a comfortable, wide platform for your foot during street riding, and should be much more comfortable if standing on them in off-road use. My wife and I both agree that they are much more comfortable than the stock pegs, and their approximate $18 cost (which includes shipping) is a bargain compared to the wide pegs offered by such firms as IMS at around $72.. I would imagine the more expensive pegs might have an advantage in strength / durability for hard useage, but I have no plans to be jumping off of berms on a motocross track. Corey

Note the shiny, hooked end of the stock spring visible in its slot on the mounting point on the motorcycle. The cotter pin removal was a pain, but the main pin easily is pushed out with a screwdriver and light tap with a hammer.

Stock peg and spring.

Bigger is better!

The hole in this (right-side) peg should have been on the left---where the straight part of the spring is located

These cutters 'couldn't cut it' so I resorted to large bolt cutters. I snipped off a little, tried it, snipped off a little more, and ended up taking about 1/4 inch off the straight end of the spring.

Tools of the trade: my mottos are "if all else fails, get a bigger hammer" and "happiness is having a large tool"

Ready to ride!

two 2009 TW200y, ricochet skid plates, did o-ring chains, chinese / ebay oversize foot pegs, Moose Racing Expedition rear rack (just like the TCI Borrega)
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PostSubject: Re: Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay   Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:30 am

This is the kind of effort that makes for a GREAT forum. I appreciate the time you took in presenting a post that will really help folks out.. Gerry

Be safe my Friend......
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PostSubject: Re: Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay   Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:56 am

mudpuppy, i appreciate the info on the footpegs. Slowpoke
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PostSubject: Re: Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay   

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Oversized foot pegs from China / eBay
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