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 Bender Creek Veterans Day Ride (Danskin Mts. OHV Trail System)

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PostSubject: Bender Creek Veterans Day Ride (Danskin Mts. OHV Trail System)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:44 am

Thought I would re-post this ride in this TW Forum for those who are not members of the other TW Forum.
Roadjanitor with his riding partners invited me (and Georgie) for a ride in the Danskin OHV trail system on veterans day. This was a mixed group of ATV's, dirt bikes, and my lone TW. Danskin is east of Boise, Id. in the foothills/some mountains (?). Didn't know if the ride would be a go (for me) as the area had experienced some rain and snow the day before, but it was a go. Left Boise on a sunny, but cold morning only to be in the fog at the trailhead. The fog would later lift and we had a good day after all.

Having said that, this ride ended up being quite a challenge for me. The trails themselves would have been great except for the occasional "snow on the trail" and "30,000" mud puddles which slowed me up. I kept to my own pace and would catch up to the others when they stopped for a break. I only crashed 3 times! 2 minor tip overs leaning towards the upperside of an embankment, and 1 crash, front tire went one way and I in the brush while going through a water obstacle (puddle). Thank goodness the brush was soft, it was like falling into a pile of feather pillows. Roadjanitor and his "roadcrew" as I call them, were a good bunch of guys. I appreciate there patience with my pace, and Allen helping me up when I crashed. He asked me how I was before helping me pickup the TW.

I kept it within my comfort zone most of the time, but I WILL ABSOLUTELY GET A NEW FRONT TIRE! Rear stock did great. I will go to this place again in the future, but it will be at a time when there is no chance of SNOW, and it hasn't rained in a month!

Anyway here are a few preview photo's of my ride followed by my youtube video. This is my first "real" posting of taking video, tho I sucked at the camera placement (which I will correct in the future), you'll get a glimps of what it was like. I had the camera on my chest and it did good when I stood up, but not when I was sitting down. You'll get the "picture".

Oh, one more thing. My shoulders and arms were so sore after the ride because of my "Kung Foo Gripe" I had on the handle bars!

Me and Georgie "Dog Tired" at the end of the day

And muddy too

Here's the link to the video of the ride. Enjoy.

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Bender Creek Veterans Day Ride (Danskin Mts. OHV Trail System)
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