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 Changing your own Oil

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Changing your own Oil Empty
PostSubject: Changing your own Oil   Changing your own Oil Empty6/23/2010, 9:06 pm

Thanks to dxnomad (Rick)

I have taken several photo's of my oil change in an effort to help guide one through the oil change process. Veterans please scrutinize this and if necessary I will edit this post. PM me on corrections so these will not cloud the main post. Please , no preferential comments about the brand of oil, etc. This is just a guide to help avoid the pitfalls others have made, and also a couple of trouble spots to look for.
What you need:
TW200/Oil/Container to catch old oil/Funnel/5mm hex wrench/19mm-6point socket and ratchet/8mm socket/10mm wrench/clean towels/WD-40
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange001
Service Points:
Oil Drain Plug
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange002
Oil Filter/Strainer Cover
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange003
Trouble Spots:
Base Gasket leak
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange004
Shifter oil seal leak
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange005
Remove the drain plug (under spring tension) and drain the oil.(19mm-6pt. socket)
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange006
Clean the strainer
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange007
Clean the drain plug-I have Mules Mag Plug.Inspect the o-ring.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange008
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange009
Remove oil filter/strainer cover.(5mm hex and 8mm socket) Position bolts in the same pattern as removed.Inspect o-ring.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange010
Check o-ring on oil fill cap/plug for damage and missing.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange011
This is what you should see when the cover is removed.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange012
Oil filter/strainer. Notice the junk? If damaged replace with Yamaha Part Number: 5HO-13440-09-00 Spray WD-40 or low pressure air from inside out to remove junk.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange013
Clean the oil filter cavity. Note o-ring on bottom bolt hole. Inspect.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange014
Install cleaned filter/strainer- this end goes in first.Your filter MUST have the four holes like this one. I don't care what the parts dept. says.There have been WAY TOO MANY ENGINE FAILURES due to mislabled filter boxes. FOUR SLOTS & FOUR HOLES!!!! Refer to above part number for the correct filter/strainer.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange015
You should now see this.If so, replace cover.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange016
Replace everything you removed and fill with oil to this level, shown with the bike upright.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange017
Start the motor and loosen the bolt with the phillips head several turns.(10mm wrench) Oil should run out of here. If not shut the motor off and reinspect the filter.
Changing your own Oil TWOilChange018

This is not all inclusive of how every bolt should be removed or tightened. This is for those who feel confident enough to change their oil and when in doubt, ASK !!
I hope you enjoy this,..............Rick.

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Changing your own Oil
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