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 Fire Lookout Discovery Adv

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Lookout Discovery Adv   Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty8/20/2010, 6:09 am

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the update on the other Forum. I'm not the most computer literate guy myself, and sometimes these things just drive me crazy.

I enjoy pictures of other rider's adventures, and as I posted above (under guest), these Lookout towers brought back memories formed as a kid. I may never get to your part of the country, but I can vicariously live the adventure through your photos.


two 2009 TW200y, ricochet skid plates, did o-ring chains, chinese / ebay oversize foot pegs, Moose Racing Expedition rear rack (just like the TCI Borrega)
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Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fire Lookout Discovery Adv   Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty8/19/2010, 4:41 pm

Corey, I read your other post and answered there also. I have not been having any problems at all. Unfortunately I'm not the greatest computer guy in the world so have no idea what problems you may be having. Just to check I opened the other forum in another tab right now and was able to sign in with no problem.

Wouldn't think it is a computer problem on your end cause you are still able to get to this site. If you are still having problems getting to the site for the next couple of days, let me know and I can relay a message to Goldenhtr (moderator) and see if he has any answers.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help other than to say I was getting on fine.

Mrgizmow visits here often as well and maybe he can say whether he has heard of any problems as well.


P.S. I love these two forum sites. I have been a TW owner for over 5 years now and didn't even know these types of sites existed until earlier this spring. I mostly post my rides cause I like looking at others posts and the photo's of other parts of our country...and the world for that matter, and thought I would share back. Places I most likely won't be able to visit in person. I like the other parts of the forum as they are very informative and have very useful information. I just not as experienced with the maintenance side of the house and haven't had any problems with my TW to contribute much to those area's, but am an avid reader of almost every post.
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PostSubject: fire lookout and a question   Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty8/19/2010, 11:40 am

Great photos Admiral! When I was much younger I thought I'd like nothing better than to work in a fire lookout tower (I think it came from watching something on the old Walt Disney tv show in the 60s.

On another matter, is the other TW Forum ( currently down ? I haven't been able to get it to load in a few days, and I know you frequent that site too.

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Posts : 116
Points : 201
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Join date : 2010-06-08
Age : 59
Location : Sand Hollow, Idaho

Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty
PostSubject: Fire Lookout Discovery Adv   Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty8/16/2010, 11:14 am

Love to navigate and find Fire Lookouts. Some are manned lookouts, some not, and sometimes I can't get close enough to be sure what I'm looking at! Here are some lookouts, views, and some other things along the way. Lookout information provided by local signs and Rex's Fire Lookout Page.

Typical way I transported the mule, and solo camping.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Haul1Fire Lookout Discovery Adv TWnBronco
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv SageHenOFlowCamp

Hawley Mt. Lookout, on Hawley Mt. Rd. N.E. of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. Actually, closer to Garden Valley as the crow flies.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Hawley1

Elevation 7301ft. Unmanned, built in 1935, now used as communications/weather point.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Hawley2Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Hawley3

No need to find a tree at Hawley Mt.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Hawley4

Pilot Peak L.O. Elevation 8128ft. Unmanned, built 1932, now used as a NASA UFO Tracking Site. (Just kidding, communications/weather point.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv PilotPeak4Fire Lookout Discovery Adv PilotPeak1

Can't see it, but Sunset L.O. is on the ridge in the distance.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv PilotPeak2

Miners cabin off Forest Service rd. between Pilot Peak L.O. and Wilson Peak.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv MinersCabinnearPilotPeak1

Sunset Mt. L.O. Elevation 7869ft. Manned, built in 1930, rebuilt 1958. Manned by a woman lookout who share fresh cherries with me. North of Idaho City.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sunset1Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sunset3

View from L.O.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sunset5

Pilot Peak L.O. on distant ridge. Can't see it though.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sunset4

Jackson Peak L.O. East of Lowman, Idaho. Elevation 8124ft. Manned, built in 1927, rebuilt 1981. When I arrived lookout guy was reading a newspaper in his robe. I didn't stay, thus the long range pictures. Upper rd in photo is from ridge to lookout, lower rd is from ridge jct. to spring (water supply for lookout).
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv JacksonPeak1
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv JacksonPeak2

Silver Creek L.O. North of Garden Valley/Crouch, Idaho. Manned. Lookout seemed unfriendly so we turned around quickly and took this photo at a distance.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv SilverCreek

Tripod L.O. North of Sage Hen Reservoir, S.W. of Cascade, Idaho. Unknown if it is manned. Can't ride all the way to it, have to hike to it and I wasn't up to the trek cause I was still recovering from a knee injury.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Tripod

Blue Lake below Tripod L.O. Photo taken from Snowbank rd. Trail from rd leads to lake, but again...knee!
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv BlueLake

Further up snowbank rd. Thought this was a lookout site, but ended up being a FAA Flight Radar thingy!
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv FAARadar

Saw this to the right of the FAA Radar Thingy. Thought it might have been an old lookout. Didn't hike/ride to it cause of know...knee. Looks like a
communication/weather point now. I'll go back here someday to find out for sure.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv LOnearFAAnotsure

Thorn Creek Butte L.O. S.S.E of Idaho City, Idaho. Manned during this visit. Have been there before (no photo's) when it was unmanned as well. Built in 1933.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv ThornButte1

Sheephorn Mt. L.O. between Challis and Salmon, Idaho. Built in 1933, rebuilt in 1965. Unmanned and is now a Forest Service Rental. We plan to stay here one day.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sheephorn1
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sheephorn2
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sheephorn5Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sheephorn3Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Sheephorn4

Here are a couple of lookouts we visited while traveling the historic Magruder Road between Elk City, Id and Darby Montana.

Green Mt. L.O. 4 miles off Magruder rd. Unmanned, used for emergency. Built in 1930, rebuild 1954 and is on National Historic Lookout Register.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv GreenMtn1Fire Lookout Discovery Adv GreenMtn2

Burnt Knob L.O. Elevation 8196ft. Unmanned. Built in 1922, rebuilt in 1930, restored in late 1980's. 1.5 mile off Magruder rd. and is on National Historic Lookout Register. It was on a very, very rought rd. Has some trails nearby and a couple nice lakes below. Pretty cold on this day, we wore jackets. Lots of forest fire damage in the area and throughout the Magruder rd. corridor.
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv BurntKnob1Fire Lookout Discovery Adv BurntKnob2
Fire Lookout Discovery Adv BurntKnob4Fire Lookout Discovery Adv BurntKnob3

Hope you enjoy the photo's.
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PostSubject: Re: Fire Lookout Discovery Adv   Fire Lookout Discovery Adv Empty

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Fire Lookout Discovery Adv
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