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  More from Hawaii

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 More from Hawaii Empty
PostSubject: More from Hawaii    More from Hawaii Empty10/31/2010, 2:18 pm

This began in the introduction section under (return to TW forum)
I live in Hawi at the northern point of the Big Island, nothing but water north of me till you reach Dutch Harbor Alaska.
This is a pictorial some of my local area. Yes it has TW content in some of the pictures where my poodle bike sneaks in front of the camera.

I will start with a couple of wahines who work the coffee kiosk where I get my ration of steamed eggs and kona coffee in the morning.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2089976-800
The road only goes about 8 miles east of town then ends here, overlooking tis beautiful secluded beach.
Very careful examination may reveal a lone surfer.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2089977-800
This is the beginning of a precipitous trail down to the beach a quarter of a mile below. With my slow advancing leg paralisis I dare not take the trail. If I am ever to visit this beach , I will have to come in from the sea by kayak.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2089984-800
looking up the canyon the lower end of which forms this beach.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2089987-800
keokea beach, just a little closer to town, from here I could kayak about a mile to the beach above.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2089994-800
Myself and the poodel bike at keokea
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090003-800
The pleasant Kama aina who used my camera to take the last photo.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090004-800
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090006-800
These obscene looking things dropped from the tree behind me. Tey are actually a sort of edible fruit that I have seen for sale at the farmers market here. I shall try to eat them.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090007-800
Speaking of edibles, this is a bread fruit tree alongside the road on the way home.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090009-800
Home at last. Note the skyline of the Hawi Hale, the former bawdy house shown in the beginning thread.
 More from Hawaii Bikepics-2090012-800


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rusty rider

rusty rider

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 More from Hawaii Empty
PostSubject: Maui freak     More from Hawaii Empty11/14/2011, 2:45 pm

Nice to see other T Dub people on the islands...... We be MAUI freaks but no bikes there yet...

Will be on the Big Island at the end of April and May for a visit...

Nice picture taker you have there...... Rich Rose

Remeber, A kick in the ass is a step forward!!!! More from Hawaii 3885497126
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More from Hawaii
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