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 Adventures revisited..

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Adventures revisited.. Empty
PostSubject: Adventures revisited..   Adventures revisited.. EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 8:18 am

Seems we could use a little more activity here in order to keep this forum viable. These are some photos of past adventures that have likely been posted somewhere before. Each represents an enjoyable afternoon in the Northern California foothills. Gerry

I've used this road alot. It is the climb from Philbrook into Jones meadows. I am sometimes surprized to find folks in the family sedan trying to make their way up, geeez

Adventures revisited.. 101_0395

Lava-cap at about 900' elevation. This was 'the' road for about eight miles. A fall on this would be a broken wrist for sure. It was a long day at at about 140 miles.

Adventures revisited.. 101_0418

Thirty years ago, my clothes would be off and my bare-butt planted on some wet rock. Now it just does not seem to be the right thing to do.......

Adventures revisited.. Swimminghole-1

Getting closer to sunset so I had to step-up the pace. Think I had been looking for Frenchman's Grave.

Adventures revisited.. Gettinglate

Another frequently used road. A recent fire change the scenery a lot so this particular ride was a whole new experience.

Adventures revisited.. Ride6

A road 'less traveled' at least for me. This is Southwest of Lake Almanor.

Adventures revisited.. Valleyroad

I had been looking for the 'starting point' of the big fire. It was about another half mile up the trail. Two weeks earlier I was on a ride when a thunder storm passed through. Lots of lightening strikes. By the time I got to high ground to report this one (cell phone) the 911 dispatchers were so overwhelmed, when I said I would like to report a fire, the fellow replied "you and everyone else". I was a bit pissed to get this kind of response, but since there are lots of Mt. communities in the area, suspect emergency services had been pushed to the max. A number of the strikes burned for over a week. This particular fire involved less than 100 acres (I think). I ended up finding the tree that took the initial hit.

Adventures revisited.. Fire4

Be safe my Friend......
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Adventures revisited.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adventures revisited..   Adventures revisited.. EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 5:40 pm


I can't get enough of the trail pictures. And you're right, we need more activity. I think you may be on to something by posting a picture from different rides or adventures. Many may not have seen any of them before or have forgotten. I think it's a good idea. I'll add some soon. Hopefully, others will add a shot or two as well.

Happy new year.

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Adventures revisited..
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