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 Generator / battery issue

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PostSubject: Generator / battery issue   Generator / battery issue EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 9:53 am

Hey guys I have a 95 and it hasnt had battery function this summer. I've been riding it once or twice a week. Im wondering if there's an easy way to tell if the battery is shot or if its not charging. I guess I will be taking it in to a battery shop to ask them. The only symptom I can give you is that the headlight and blinkers are flickering and sometimes cut out or dont work with throttle up.

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PostSubject: Re: Generator / battery issue   Generator / battery issue EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 5:21 pm

Do get the battery tested if you don't have a meter to test it yourself. Depending on how old the battery is, they will give out.

Before you take it for testing, clean you battery posts and leads. Check the acid level of each cell. Fill with distilled water if low. Don't use tap water. Then charge the battery if you haven't already done that. There are other things to check, such as corroded wires/connectors in other area's as well that may cause a non-charging issue. If battery and connections/wires test ok, then maybe you can start troubleshooting the charging system.

A friend of mine, Truelight on the other forum, has had an issue very similar to yours. Lights would go dim. Mechanics found corroded connections last year, but this year the problem started again. I lent him my battery and his bike ran fine without any problems. He put his back in and last I heard was doing ok, so we never really found a direct problem. He did charge his battery over the winter on a battery tender and thinks this may have caused his battery to be over charged and wore it out prematurely, but again I'm not to sure.
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Generator / battery issue
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