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 Attaching a Photo or Video to a Post - HOW TO

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Attaching a Photo or Video to a Post - HOW TO Empty
PostSubject: Attaching a Photo or Video to a Post - HOW TO   Attaching a Photo or Video to a Post - HOW TO Empty11/2/2011, 8:28 pm

So you want to show off that sweet ride of yours or that Epic trip that you just got back from.....No problem. You can attach pictures or videos in your posts. First, like most forums you can't upload a picture directly to this forum. The photo has to be "hosted" or stored somewhere else. There are several free image hosting services available for this purpose.

Attaching a Photo:

I usually use a free service called Image Shack: CLICK HERE (NOTE: I now use photobucket)

Just click the browse button and pick the photo on your computer that you want to up load. If you haven't re-sized your images before hand then also click the little box that says re-size and select 800x600. Then click Host it! It will take a few seconds while the image is uploaded to the web. When it's done uploading you will see your image along with a list of addresses. Scroll down and you will see a box called "Direct Link". Using your mouse highlight the address in the box, right click and select copy. Then go back to your post, click where you want the picture to be, Then click the little picture box icon in the row of boxes above your post. Paste in the address and click enter. Your done! Now you can click the preview button under where your typing if you want to see how the picture is going to look. It's really a lot easier to do than to type out and doesn't take very long at all once your used to it.

Easy one page method! There is also a free image hosting service built into this forum. Right above where you are typing a message into the forum there will be a long list of little boxes with symbols on them. About in the middle is a box with a picture inside and a computer disk in the bottom corner. Click that box and a little window pops open. Click the "Browse" button in the window and select the photo off your computer that you want to upload. Then select "800px width" under Resize image, then click the "Host it" button. It will take a few seconds for the image to upload and then it will give you a list of addresses where your image is now stored on the web. Using your mouse highlight the middle address in the box that just says "Image" , right click on the highlighted address and select copy. Then left click on the little picture icon to get the window to disapear again. Go to your post and left click where you want the image to be in your post. Right click and select paste. Your done! Now you can select preview and see what your picture will look like in the final post.

Attaching a Video:

So you've uploaded a sweet Youtube video of today's ride and want to share it with the world, or you just found a cool video on the net that you think others might enjoy. No problem....

First go to the video on Youtube, highlight the address in the address bar at the top of the page and right click on it, select copy. Head on back to your post that you are typing up and left click where you want the video to be inserted at. Then click on the little square icon right above that has the film strip in it (slightly right of center). Click in the box, right click again and select paste. Then click the "OK" button. Your Done! Now just click the Preview button below where your typing and you can see how the embedded video will look in your post.

Hope this helps answer a few questions.


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Attaching a Photo or Video to a Post - HOW TO
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