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 Finding the Trestle

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Finding the Trestle Empty
PostSubject: Finding the Trestle   Finding the Trestle Empty11/15/2011, 7:22 am

It's chilly, but not winter yet. Thermometer shows 38*, and if it's as sunny as yesterday, might reach high 40's. So, I plan on taking a ride today in some BLM land to my northeast that I've yet to ride. I'm calling it finding the trestle, because there is a geocache at this particular old abandoned train trestle and it's my destination for the day. Gonna catch some other spots too. And my riding partner Georgie will be going along. I'll post some trip photo/video's in the next day or two. Did I say it was sunny out! Whoohoo!
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Finding the Trestle
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