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 IMS footpegs install

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IMS footpegs install Empty
PostSubject: IMS footpegs install   IMS footpegs install Empty2/20/2012, 3:10 pm

Got the peg's installed.....nice!. The right side took me around 3.75 hours;the cotter pin itself was being a turd.Install on the right peg was going fine but the clevis wouldn't go through the botton hole of the peg????. Took it out many times to see if something was binding.After quite awhile of resetting everything I figured there had to have been a slight error on "casting" of the peg,so I gave it my best(last) eyeball line-up before using my trusty mallet.Had to be a "casting" issue,it went right in after a slight whack or two....does not move as freely/springy as the left side......the right peg does appear to be a micron contacts the sides of the peg holder?....oh well,it worksIMS footpegs install 2380065899 IMS footpegs install 2859867778 IMS footpegs install 2380065899
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IMS footpegs install
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