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 Paper Oil Filters

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PostSubject: Paper Oil Filters   Paper Oil Filters Empty6/25/2012, 8:20 pm

I have not had a chance to service my TW200 yet. Just got it Monday morning (6/25/12). '06 with 605 miles and as usual it needs carb cleaning. So, I took it to our local motorcycle mechanic for cleaning. I do most of my own adjusting and oil servicing. I have noted that these bikes use a brass screen oil filter rather than paper. I wonder if these TW200s have sufficient oil pressure to supply oil through a pleated paper filter. If they do I may change over. There are paper filters available and have noted someone found one rated to fit that was too long. I have some ordered from Yamaha and have heard that even they have boxed some wrong. Any ideas on brand and oil pump output as compared to the screen filter would be greatly appreciated....Dan
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PostSubject: Re: Paper Oil Filters   Paper Oil Filters Empty6/29/2012, 9:28 pm

Brass screen one works just fine. Just clean and reuse.
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Paper Oil Filters
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