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 Full custom 2008 TW200

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PostSubject: Full custom 2008 TW200   Full custom 2008 TW200 Empty9/5/2012, 9:21 am

Greetings folks! Here is the 2008 TW200 I picked up a few weeks ago. I bought it as it sits, it only needs a chain guard before it's fully streetable again... I found a nice used chrome one off of an un-known donor bike yesterday for 20 bucks. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to post pictures in this forum dangit

The engine is a fresh rebuild from a 2003 YZ250F, the bike and engine only have 94 km's since the build. The modded factory seat just has to go... the reupholster job is first rate.. but the colour SUCKS and I really want a nice solo saddle for the bike anyhow. Any thoughts or suggestions on a solo seat?

What do you think? Opinions welcome and wanted.


It seems I can't post pictures of my bike for SEVEN days? "New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days." I'm not waiting... doubt I'll be back... a seven day wait to post pictures is kinda ridiculous
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PostSubject: Re: Full custom 2008 TW200   Full custom 2008 TW200 Empty9/29/2012, 5:44 pm

Let us know how you did on the solo seat...........havent gone that route since the so rides with me now, but that peaks my interest.

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PostSubject: Re: Full custom 2008 TW200   Full custom 2008 TW200 Empty11/9/2012, 8:17 pm

There are lots of seats on EBay. I think the one I decided on was off a Honda 900. I made a mount that attached to the rear tank bolt and is hinged so the seat flips up for storage underneath. Likely, you will also have a make some shrouding to cover the electrics that are underneath. Not really complicated but you will need to use your imagination and fab skills. Good luck, and the seats really are not very expensive. Gerry

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PostSubject: Re: Full custom 2008 TW200   Full custom 2008 TW200 Empty

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Full custom 2008 TW200
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