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 Back road explorer

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PostSubject: Back road explorer   Back road explorer Empty7/28/2013, 10:36 am

Here's my little dirt road explorer. It's great for long distance dirt road touring and camping, with a little trail riding thrown in.
Back road explorer Advmods

The most important thing I've done for my bike is the Lizrdbrth Oil Cooler.

1. Cycleracks front rack, I carry a small hatchet there, and made a set of small panniers for it.

2. Jimbo wind shield, Jimbo

3. Lexan headlight guard, Ebay.

4. Ricochet skid plate, Happy trails.

5. Added a kick start kit, Ebay.

6. DMO foot pegs, They correct the offset, DMO Specialty's.

7. Cycleracks rear rack.

8. Welded a 3" washer to the kickstand foot, much better stability on soft ground, Tractor supply.

9. XT225 tank, more fuel, and the scoops pull cooler air to the head. Removed lock from gas cap.

10. Handguards, Ebay universal.

11. Mudflaps, front and rear, homemade.

12. IMS steel folding shifter, Motorcycle Superstore.

13. Auxilliary fuel can from Honda CT90 mounted to rear rack on homemade mount. Only carried on longer rides.

14. Carb Properly jetted, needle shimmed, and adjusted.

15. Roll chart holder on bars, I make my own roll charts for navigation.

16. Army surplus haversacks for saddle bags on cycleracks pannier holders, bags from Pawn shop.

17. Army surplus bag on seat horn, usually carrying a camera, Pawn shop.

18. Wolfman Ridgeline duffle, it carries the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, stuff. Only carried when needed.

19. Gran Turismo grips, ("Titty Grips" for you old guys like me), Ebay.

20. 12V power outlet, for phone charger and air compressor. auto parts store.

21. LED bulbs in speedo and pilot box.

22. Home made trail jack for tire repair in the field.

23. Schrader valve core removal caps on each wheel.

24. Anti-seize on all the engine case cover bolts. When I need to get in there, I don't want any stuck or twisted off bolts.

25. Blue locktite on every non engine nut and bolt I could find, don't want to leave anything on the road due to vibration.

26.The Ricochet skid plate had two 13mm bolt heads in front and two t-40 Torx bolts in the rear. I replaced the front with 12mm bolt heads and replaced the rear with allen head bolts. The rear cyclerack had two 13mm bolt heads, I replaced them with 12mm bolt heads. They were the only 13mm's or Torx on the bike. By replaceing them, I don't need to add extra tools to the kit.

27. O ring chain 15-54 sprockets

28. 45 degree turn down on exhaust.

Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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Back road explorer
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