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 Lightweight travel,

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Lightweight travel, Empty
PostSubject: Lightweight travel,   Lightweight travel, Empty7/29/2013, 7:11 am

This was sent to me by a friend, thought I'd pass it along.
Lightweight travel:
Riding a bike long distances in a manner familiar to our dusty predecessors.
Meaning relatively simple equipment and just enough horsepower to get the job done.
It means crossing state lines on far less than a 500cc worth of propulsion.
It means riding for the sake of riding---almost anything--without worrying about 'keeping up appearances' or having the latest and greatest.
It means going places they haven't. It means having a certain amount of grit, ingenuity, and self-reliance.
It means doing things that some folks sneer at. It means going places they haven't.
It means refining a personal system of travel based on hard experience. It means having a twinkle in your eye. It means being the Gasoline Stranger.

All the 'in front of the bar' posing in the world on a chrome-encrusted-what-have-you, is a sad substitute for surveying a vista you've never seen, or even fixing a decrepit bike in a rainy ditch with a strange forest nearby. Or having to wait overnight for the only gas station to open because it closed at five 5PM.

Lightweight unsupported motorcycle travel means riding a 13 horsepower, 280 pound motorcycle, on a multi-day road trip, without a supply vehicle following behind.

Motorcycles like this encourage a routing bias toward dirt roads and two-lane secondary roads when necessary. In addition to matching their speed capability better, back roads provide a more interesting mile by mile riding environment.

Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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Lightweight travel,
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