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 Strange encounters

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Strange encounters Empty
PostSubject: Strange encounters   Strange encounters Empty1/16/2009, 7:48 am

Well things seem pretty slow here (TW2oo forum) so I thought I would see if anyone else had pictures of some 'out of the ordinary' encounters while on the trail.
I am not so infrequently amazed at the junk I find alongside the trail. There are times that I have been putting around for hours, in an area that I think is in the middle of know-where and then I come across something like an abandon house trailer, or once, the rear section of a Corvette rear fender (I thought it had to have been dropped by a small plane). It is hard to imagine how folks have gotten stuff to where I was, but there it was. The one thing that I came across and have a picture of, was a Llama. Again out on some long abandon logging spur just putting along and hear in the middle of the trail just hanging out was this big, and very healthy looking Llama. It did not look to distress about my arrival, but it also did not look inclined to yeild the trail to me. I got my picture and headed back in the direction I came. Gerry
[img]Strange encounters Llama[/img]

Be safe my Friend......
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Strange encounters
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