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 Another one...

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Another one... Empty
PostSubject: Another one...   Another one... Empty7/27/2009, 10:20 am

Just took possession of a 2001 TW (in the blue/white color scheme above). It has all of 152 miles on it.

What is particularly interesting about this gift - from my father in law who (obviously) never used it - is that I have wanted a street-legal trail bike ever since college (seemingly a lifetime ago). I grew up glued to a bike for a month + every summer at my grandparents house down in the Mojave and I've really missed riding.

These days, I walk fireroads and private property to access some off-the-path surf breaks here in NorCal that I know can be accessed via motorcycle, so I'm very, very excited to have an alternate to my car for bumping along the fifteen or so miles of coast I call home.

Now I'm setting up licensing and am on the fence re: doing the CHP course (this avoiding the skills test at the DMV - but at a cost of $250!), or just heading down and taking the skills test. I have the skills to pass no problem, but I've not been a licensed street rider and I'm wondering if the value of the safety training is really worth the $250 (or if safety is basic common sense). Thoughts?

- Matt
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Another one... Empty
PostSubject: Skill test   Another one... Empty8/9/2009, 8:16 am

You generally will not find much going on here, seems most of the 'action' has moved back to the Yamaha TW-200 Trailways forum. All the folks that have taken the Motorcycle course and have expressed an opinion to me suggest it is very worth while. I think it would be money well spent, I have the Redbluff instructors telephone number taped to the refridge. Guess I have been dragging my feed. Good luck, Gerry

Be safe my Friend......
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Another one...
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