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 Duel Mule Mothers Day Rides Part 2

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PostSubject: Duel Mule Mothers Day Rides Part 2   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:03 pm

Part 2 is the 2 wheel mule riding. Part 1 in off topic is the 4 legged mule ride should you want to view it. So, after the wife, daughters, and mother-in-law got back from mothers day lunch and movie, we went for our families mothers day evening picnic. Wonderfully prepared subway combo meals. Hey, that's what everyone wanted so I have learned to go with the flow. Here we are getting ready to go. If you saw part 1 you can notice that Georgie is going to ride on the back and take it easy.

Just so you know this is Georgie's normal riding spot when she gets to go.

Heading out our pasture gate onto the back 40. As I mentioned in part 1 (off topic section), the back 40 is adjacent BLM land. We are so lucky to have this available, especially during early riding season when there is still snow in the mountains.

Going down the trail. Had to ask them to pick up the pace as it's a little harder to balance the TW going 5 mph. Also had to keep telling the girls to keep their foot off the foot brake pedal on the 4 wheeler.

Saw the Sheepherder wagon in the area. Didn't see the sheep this day, but they came along our fence line a couple of days later. Finishing out their winter grazing before heading up in the mountains.

Taking a break along the way.

Group photo minus me after having our mothers day picnic subway combo meals. Georgie got the leftover's. Then headed home, again still had to avoid whistle pig hunters I mentioned in part 1.

On the ridge above the homestead. If you notice all of the white spots or mounds during these pictures, these are all of the old Badger mounds...and some new ones too. Got to be careful no matter what we ride...with the big badger holes and all.

Ah, home at last. Gone about 2 hours and put on a whopping 9.7 miles! But who cares when you're with family having a good time. (I can now post this picture because the county assessor visited the other day and noted my shop. We are using it for agricultural reason's which should be tax free, but they didn't agree. I knew I should have put a couple of hay bales in it instead of TW and tools. D'oh!)

The End!
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Duel Mule Mothers Day Rides Part 2
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