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 Help on a 99 TW200

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PostSubject: Help on a 99 TW200   Help on a 99 TW200 Empty2/24/2011, 7:40 pm

Hi everyone, Have a problem when im riding on 5th gear and just pull my throttle my engine revs but cant feel the pull its like slipping, Anybody got an idea on whats wrong with my bike? Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Help on a 99 TW200   Help on a 99 TW200 Empty2/26/2011, 9:00 am

I did a little checking and it might just be a slipping clutch, which can be caused by a couple different things besides the clutch basket being worn out. By your description, it sounds like a slipping clutch.

Here's a couple of things to check before throwing in the towel thinking you need to replace the clutch:

1. Clutch cable needs adjusting. The clutch cable can be checked and adjusted in 2 places, a. up by the lever; b. down by the transmission. Check the service manual for the procedure.

2. Oil change (I know that sounds weird). The clutch is a "wet clutch" system, meaning the engine oil is also used for the clutch. This oil needs to have certain additives in order for the clutch to work properly. If you haven't changed the oil for a long time, change the engine oil with a proper oil made for a wet clutch system. If the oil has been changed recently, check to be sure the proper oil was used.

Apparently using the wrong type of oil will have some negative affects on clutch performance, but I have not personally experienced it when I changed my oil and I didn't look for a specific wet clutch motor oil. Perhaps I just got lucky and got one that works.

If you don't have a service manual and can't find one (that's free), let me know and I will post the clutch adjustment procedures and a link to download manuals.

These are the most basic things to adjust/change/check for the slipping clutch type situation, and if these don't work, it could be something else that I am not familiar with.

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Help on a 99 TW200
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